Saturday Club Road Rides

Depart from and return to The Cafe on the New England Highway at Highfields most Saturday mornings.

Rides depart in four groups based upon distance and average speed groupings with the faster rides starting earlier. Like our Facebook page or check out the Blog on this website for regular notification of rides and ride reports. Check out our Cycling Routes page for some of the routes used by the Club.

Combined Group Rides

Occasionally Combined Group Rides (both road and off-road bikes) commencing from various locations in the region, are organised for Saturdays or Sundays. Like our Facebook page or check out the Blog on this website for regular notification of rides and ride reports. 

Standard Saturday Morning Club Ride Times/Groups

Group Winter Spring Summer & Autumn
Group 3 – Av. Speed 26km/hr over distances up to 60km 6:30 6:00
Group 2 – Av. Speed 23km/hr over distances up to 40km 6:45 6:30
Group 1 – Av. Speed 20km/hr over distances up to 25km 7:00 7:00

Safety and Etiquette

Age and inexperience should not be considered as barriers to entering cycling and those who ride with us vary from the very experienced to the novice. Our Club strives to provide a friendly, challenging, safe and enjoyable environment for cyclists, with an emphasis on the recreational and social aspects of road and off-road cycling.

With this in mind, the Club has produced a number of documents to guide members who ride.

Each sanctioned Club ride will be accompanied by a volunteer Ride Captain whose role is to lead the bunch in a way that reduces risk and promotes the Club’s philosophy. These Volunteers are requested to be familiar with the instructions in the HRCC Ride Captains Booklet 2019.

Being aware and understanding your responsibilities as a cyclist, when riding in a bunch or by yourself and generally when sharing the road, will help protect you, your fellow cyclists and other road users. As a rider, you are requested to be familiar with the HRCC Etiquette Bunch Riding Booklet May 2019. We obey the Road Rules!

Additionally, riders are encouraged to ride with the group they are best equipped to participate in. Being well nourished and hydrated prior to and throughout the ride is of extreme importance at all times but particularly as the temperatures climb in the Spring and Summer seasons.